Counting on Nature’s Benefits
ValuES: Methods for integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning, and practice


Why ecosystem services?

Ecosystem services are Nature's benefits to people. They comprise the diverse ways we depend on Nature. The idea of ecosystem services speaks to many decision-makers, for example in regional planning, infrastructure, rural development or urban management. Counting on Nature's benefits requires us to know them better.


Why think about methods?

There are many ways of counting and of knowing. And there are many methods for examining ecosystem services. They differ in the questions they ask, in the way they work, and in the things they can show. Whether a method is suitable for you depends on your situation and aims.


Which methods to use?

The Methods Navigator leads to profiles with advice and practical information about a broad range of methods. It can help you find your way. Assessments should be tailored to a specific purpose. This inventory identifies ten purposes for examining ecosystem services, and provides examples from six policy areas. Case studies show experiences from different applications and study processes.